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Strange and bizarre billboards

February 25th, 2009

Billboard ads are meant to entice you into buying a product. Let me rephrase “It’s meant to convince you to buy something while at the time persuading you that it was your idea all along!”

And many of billboards serve their purpose. To be fair most of them are cool and creative. So much so that you would stop to snap a picture, thus sealing its membership in the hall of coolness. But there are those that miss the mark. Yes, there are billboards that come across as just strange or bizarre. Here’s a few that fall into that category.

Warning against Gun Control?

Gun billboard

I suppose the message is a good one. Don’t come into the area with firearms, don’t hit or hurt people. Or was it that you don’t pass by whilst someone was being hurt?

One of the problems with a hand-made billboard is that it does not last that long in the rainy tropics, does it?

You know, I am not sure if it is a left-right or right-left language. Keeping that mind, are they against brutality and asking you to bring in the guns? Or did someone bring in guns and it was used to beat up some poor folk?

Let’s have our say

Speeding billboard

This is one of those public service ads that just could not avoid vandalism. Someone out there felt really strongly about speeding. Either that or someone had way too much free time. As it is, they took time out to even draw a smiley!

At least this modified ad was entertaining viewing for many many people.

Child Care Ad

Where is your child?

This is actually a rather clever ad. And effective at putting across their message.

It’s part of this group simply because of their shock factor. Is it just me or did you also do a retake when you first saw the picture? If nothing else, that kid observing the ad is probably slightly traumatized. Or at least signing up for a few nights of terrible nightmares.

I rest my case

Handsome guys

This must be one of the user-modified ones.

Nonetheless, it makes a rather amusing point, doesn’t it?

I wonder if they joking about meth usage? 🙂

A sad attempt to make you tune in?

Strange billboard

This is a strange concept but a welcome one.

Apparently people were asked to sms 01 or 02 to the news story featured on the billboard. Interesting way to poll for opinion, isn’t it?

Wouldn’t you like to know what the results were? I don’t know about myself but it certainly made me curious.

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