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Bang Bang Osaka!

February 22nd, 2009

Do you remember when you were a kid playing cops or cowboys and you use your finger, point at someone and say “bang!”. Much to our delight, normally the person we “shot” at will pretend that they are hit for the sake of entertaining us but sometimes we are ignored. Anyway, I couldn’t imagine us doing it now, or anywhere. People will either laugh at us or shake their head, thinking that we are crazy!

But it is different in Osaka, Japan. This video clip is taken from a Japanese variety show and their question of the day is What happens if you take to the streets of Osaka and start to playfully “shoot” strangers with your finger and yell “BANG!”? How will they react?. They reacted alright!
You point your finger at somebody, shout “bang” and they will react exactly how you’ve wanted it during your childhood time. They “urgh” and “argh”, clutching their chest or step backwards like they really did got hit big time.

Oh yea, you can also pretended that you have a sword and be the sword master in Osaka. They will play along with you.
Even the uncle will play with you. It’s so hilariously fun!

One must wonder why only the Japanese in Osaka reacted playfully like this. There are some theories suggested that because the crime rate is so low in Japan, and the idea of bringing a real gun everywhere you walk is just unbelievable. The only time they are aware of the use of guns or weapons are the movies and video games. Not that there are no crimes in Japan, but its just not as drastic as one would expected it to be. Like recently, a young man made the news headline because he has a collection of knickers and panties stolen by him over the period of a few years. Weird crimes, yes, bad crimes, not really. Well, whatever the reason is, watching this video makes me want to go Osaka, and while I’m there, I’ll shoot up some of them and do a little slashing.

I couldn’t imagine doing the point and “bang” thing in the US though.

Watch this video and laugh your jaws off!

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  1. March 6th, 2009 at 18:23 | #1

    its plain stupid make something better/funnier !!! grow up.!

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