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Laugh Some More! – All About Computers & Internet

February 17th, 2009

Be prepare to laugh some more! It’s time to cheer up and enjoy the rest of the day. Despite of the stressful days at work, I managed to find some source of laughter and I would like to share it with you all!
This time, its all about computers and internet:

Do you realised that every time your internet crashed or computer having some error, there is always this little message that prompts you to hit ANY keys?
OK, hit the “ANY” key, please.

Such error is a joke for sure!
I am suppose to press F1 or F2 but my keyboard is not even plugged in!!

How honest are you when you are chatting?
If she is a supermodel and he is a Chippendale’s Dancer, I am the Queen of England.

Who is wrong in the internet?
Wait, let me understand this – Someone is wrong on the internet, therefore you should be online until…what? He/she is right?

Even the Holy ones consult the internet.
Yo, Sister! What’s good online?

Be careful when you post your picture online!!
Yeap, normal picture, nice looking girls but er…. Something is not covered properly here. So ladies, please, please mind how you sit or at least wear an undies if you want to wear a super mini skirt.

Oh wow! My favourite funny picture!
When I instruct you to print screen, I don’t mean literally print the screen!

It is good to laugh isn’t it? Well, tune in for more Funny, Cool Stuff!

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