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It’s a piece of cake!

February 10th, 2009

I love cakes once awhile and my significant other has the ability to make delicious cakes. She love the whisking, the measuring and the mixing but today she told me she hated cutting the cakes sometimes. I knew why she had said so, she dropped a piece of cake on the table while transferring it to the plate.

So wanting to motivate her, I searched online and I found the solution to cutting a piece of cake. Presenting the “Piece of Cake” tool!
Cool and looked simple! Read more and you’ll want one of this!

It doesn’t just look simple, it is very simple to use. It looks like tongs with a triangle on top with holes on each sides like a cheese, and it is use to cut and lift the cake.
Just slide it down on your cake and then slightly squeeze the tongs and simply carry it to your plate. That’s all there is to it!
It is not messy, and you don’t even have to squeeze hard!

It comes in five awesome colours! There are Cream, Green, Red, White and Yellow ones for you to choose.
Now, presentation comes with style! For US$25, this is the must-have stuff for all cake lovers!

For information where to get this Piece Of Cake tool, check out Charles and Marie online shop today!

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