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Natural Curls at the Royal Show

February 3rd, 2009

Having a straight hair isn’t so bad, but I have always wondered how it feels having a curly hair. I even thought of perming my hair but since I never like keeping long hair and perming my short hair would make me look like Curly from the Three Stooges, I rather keep my hair and admire the curly bangs from afar. Then while I was surfing the internet, I came across some really natural curls presented at a show:

Yeap, we are talking about curly-haired pigs or famously known as Mangalitzas (Mangalitsa) in the European countries. Also known as Mangalitsa, Mangulica, Mangalica or Mangaliza, Wollschwein (German), this huge and wooly boars are the ancient breed from the Hungary and Balkan areas.

Now, Mangalitzas breed has three most common colours:
The predominant colour of Mangalitzas in Germany and Switzerland is The Swallow Bellied Mangalitza, these swines are black over all of the upper body and legs, with a cream belly.
They look hugely, wooly and somewhat cuddly.

The second colour of Mangalitza’s is the Blonde. At first glance, you might think its a huge sheep, until you see their faces that is. This colour are more common in Austria and Hungary.
Step aside, Marilyn Monroe!

The Red Mangalitza originated from a crossing of the Hungarian Szalontai pig with blond Mangalitzas.
If you are wondering, Szalontai pig was a primitive domesticated pig that looks like the present wild boar. It looks something like this:
Whoa! If this is how primitive domesticated pig looks like in the past, I won’t want to meet the wild ones.

Anyway, I heard that Mangalitza’s meat are somewhat more soft and tender compare to normal pork. It would be so interesting to try, isn’t it. Talking about tender, this is how a little Mangalitza looks like:
Cute, isn’t it? It’s like Babe with shiny streaks!

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