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Getting ready for valentine – Rose USB

January 14th, 2009

Guess what, its one month to go for Valentine’s Day. Don’t you think its time to get something or think of a romantic for your beloved? Now, let’s go through a scenario, you have a geeky girlfriend or wife, who spend most of her time on the laptop if not on your lap so what can you get her?

Now this is quite nice – sparkly red, very rosey and the size looked perfect.
But you might wonder, its just an ordinary sparkly rose ornament. Or is it?

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When Boiling Water for Your Cup Noodles Takes Too Long…

January 13th, 2009

Personally I have always found that making Cup Noodles takes too much time and effort. First I have to boil the water, then I have to add it to the noodles, and then I have to wait for three or four minutes until the noodles are ready. It just seems like a little too much work for something that is supposed to be “instant.”

Cup noodles

Well now I don’t have to wait so long anymore, as a company in Hong Kong has developed a special battery operated stove made especially for cooking Cup Noodles.

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Disturbingly Cool

January 12th, 2009

I have always wondered what TV would do to people, especially for the designers and inventors. In this case, I am talking about designers. When I first saw these items online, I told myself that I have to get me all of those because they are really cool despite of how disturbing they are.

Well, meet the colourful “tragedy brothers”:

This is Dead Fred. He is a pen holder, a very “dead” one.
Imagine putting this on your desk and this guy is waiting for you to torture him. So when your boss is being an ass, Dead Fred is there for you, pretending he is your boss, you know. Constantly jabbing him does give a certain… well… satisfaction.
Go on, try Dead Fred Pen Holder and jab your stress away!

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Office Pro With Eco!

January 10th, 2009

Have you ever crumpled a paper and suddenly the thought of recycling comes to mind? Maybe that’s your eco-conscious talking or even trying to get your attention. Not surprising really, because in this world we are living in, who wouldn’t thought of preserving earth or at least pay a part in it preserving it somehow. But what can we do? Not everyone is an environmentalist nor have the kind of discipline to recycle every little things. Well, now we can play a part in taking care of our environment in the tools we can use daily at the office:

This is an EcoStapler™. It uses no staples so you don’t have to worried about running out of staples. How cool is that? Use EcoStapler™ like any other staplers you used before and it will clip 3 pages together by smartly cutting and folding the papers together. Save on steel usage and long term use for just £4.89 (about US$7.41).

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Butterstick – The old and the new

January 9th, 2009

Dealing with butter used to be really messy and slippery, especially when you tried to spread it on your bread or corn and any other things that is butter-spreadable.

Then, somebody came out with this Butterstick; easy-to-use and not too messy especially when you want to spread on your bread and even corns. Just twist, spread, and twist it back in again, exactly like the gluestick you always see in the stationery stores.
However, as convenient as it may seem, it didn’t sell as good as it should be. Perhaps it looks too much like a stationery.

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Snack robot

January 7th, 2009

This is something straight out of Futurama!

It is a cute and adorable robot being developed by a group of enterprising folk.


The developers in question are Carnegie Mellon University Professors Sara Kiesler and Jodi Forlizzi (Human-Computer Interaction Institute) and Paul Rybski (Robotics Institute).

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Laugh Some More – All about Stock Market

January 5th, 2009

In this market state, there are hardly any smiles or laughter, most of the time, its just frowns and head shakes. Hard to say when everything will be more stabilized. Then again, laughter is essential, no matter how the stock market is. So get that frown off your face, take a break and laugh some more!

When only two syllables matters.

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