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The Really Private Eyes

January 22nd, 2009

Have you ever experienced being rudely interrupted during your TV time? Or sometimes, you just love late night movies but you have to put the volume to as minimal as possible so you won’t awaken your better half? I get that all the time. At first, I would plug in a headphone with long cable into the TV, then the next thing I know, I am tangled. Oh, headache!

But now, there is a better solution where you can get the privacy you wanted while watching movies with no interruptions! Introducing the Eyepod Cinema Glasses!
With 80 inch Virtual Screen, you can watch your favourite movies wherever and whenever you are! Eyepod Cinema Glasses can be connected to any multimedia devices with AV output and the glasses itself will function as the monitor.

Connect Eyepod Cinema Glasses with your iPod, Videoplayer or MP4 player for movies and TV shows by plugging into your TV set. You can even play games by connecting to any game console like PS2 or Nintendo! How cool is that!

It is easy to use with adjustable volume and there are no software installation needed- plug and play, all the way! For US$509.00, it is worth every privacy you need for a good viewing. Well, the only thing lack is, you can’t share this cool viewing so its really for personal use.

For the full feature of this awesome item, click here!

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