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Which Is My Wife?

January 16th, 2009

In 25th July 2008, 60 Jordanian couples took part in a mass wedding ceremony in Amman. organized by Jordanian Islamic charity, this annual mass wedding ceremony is perfect for young couples that are unable to afford expensive ceremonies.

Here you can see the bride making her way to her husband. Its easier for the wives to spot their husbands of course.
I’ve seen mass wedding on tv and news before but this mass wedding is really interesting because if I was one of the bridegrooms, I’d have to be really good in identifying my wife under the heavy veiled white burqa (or burka).

Kissing the wives together – almost like a symphony. The wives must be blushing under the burqa.

The groom experiencing the joy of getting married with some addition of nervousness. And I bet its hot in that tuxedos too.

This is my favourite picture of all, the groom sneaking a kiss on his bride while parading out of the hall. How sweet!

It is nice to see mass weddings sometimes, though I cannot imagine the heat they must be experiencing, especially under Jordan’s hot climate. However, hot or not, who cares! This event is too important for them to bother about the heat.

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