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Going for a wee wee in Japan

January 15th, 2009

Japan – the land of the rising sun, where odd fashions can be found, eccentric inventors lurking somewhere to churn out brilliant ideas and bowing is the greatest greeting trend. Then there is the public facilities; the cute payphone booth, the singing soda machine and of course, the important one – the public toilet. After all the green teas, you got to pee right?

There are rules in using the public toilets in Japan of course, just like how the sign shows it:
Let’s see now, sit properly, don’t squat on the toilet seat, don’t stick your head into the toilet bowl, don’t pee standing up (for the men), no fishing (what in the world are we to fish in there anyway?) and no dog style peeing at the urinals (very creative).

Then there is the more serious part of using signs about Japan’s public toilet:
I didn’t know using the toilet can be a threat to the strengthening of protection – unless, getting stuck in the toilet bowls requires attention from the national security.

OK, this is really funny. Before I looked closely at the photo, I thought the green guy is kids, you know, toilet size for kids:
Just in case the alien pays a visit, I suppose.

I bet the inventor of this got his/her idea while peeing:
How about that, battery than works by using pee. Not bad for an invention. Just make sure you dun get too overexcited and spill the “juice” in the battery or you’ll have a “scented” battery as well.

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