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Getting ready for valentine – Rose USB

January 14th, 2009

Guess what, its one month to go for Valentine’s Day. Don’t you think its time to get something or think of a romantic for your beloved? Now, let’s go through a scenario, you have a geeky girlfriend or wife, who spend most of her time on the laptop if not on your lap so what can you get her?

Now this is quite nice – sparkly red, very rosey and the size looked perfect.
But you might wonder, its just an ordinary sparkly rose ornament. Or is it?

Hey, what is this on the back?
Checking out the other side, you will find some sort of slider, so human being naturally curious, you would slide it.

It is a retractable USB shaped like a red rose! Rose USB comes with 2GB of storage space, it works well with Windows and Mac and cost only US$25!

Now that is useful, and you thought its ordinary.
Practical and quite a women kind a thing (not to be stereotypical of course, even men can own this), it can be stringed and worn as a pendant, or attached to a key chain and what not. Don’t worry about it straining your loved one or your own neck because it only weighs 35g.

To find out how to purchase this really cool Rose USB, click here.

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