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Disturbingly Cool

January 12th, 2009

I have always wondered what TV would do to people, especially for the designers and inventors. In this case, I am talking about designers. When I first saw these items online, I told myself that I have to get me all of those because they are really cool despite of how disturbing they are.

Well, meet the colourful “tragedy brothers”:

This is Dead Fred. He is a pen holder, a very “dead” one.
Imagine putting this on your desk and this guy is waiting for you to torture him. So when your boss is being an ass, Dead Fred is there for you, pretending he is your boss, you know. Constantly jabbing him does give a certain… well… satisfaction.
Go on, try Dead Fred Pen Holder and jab your stress away!

Now this is Stress Paul. He is a stress relief ball.
And obviously, he is all stressed out. Of course, who likes to be squeezed all the time? Then again, maybe Stress Paul likes to be squeezed.
So why wait, get yourself a Stress Paul Rubber Stress Relief Ball and give the best squeeze you have!

Here is Hanging Harry. He is a light pull.
Having 2m of ropes attached to his neck, he is best hanged along with a lamp or lighting in your home bathroom. Nobody knows why he likes to hang around like that but he seemed to enjoy it a lot.
Time to hang out with Hanging Harry Light Pull.

Last but not least, my favourite of all siblings, Splat Stan. He is a coaster.
Splat Stan must be feeling that he should sacrifice himself to protect your tabletop from coffee stain. How cool is that?
Splat Stan Coaster is here to save your tabletops!

There you go, the tragedy brothers to spice up your homes, to show you that not all tragedy is all that bad. For more information on how to purchase these cool stuff, click here.

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