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Office Pro With Eco!

January 10th, 2009

Have you ever crumpled a paper and suddenly the thought of recycling comes to mind? Maybe that’s your eco-conscious talking or even trying to get your attention. Not surprising really, because in this world we are living in, who wouldn’t thought of preserving earth or at least pay a part in it preserving it somehow. But what can we do? Not everyone is an environmentalist nor have the kind of discipline to recycle every little things. Well, now we can play a part in taking care of our environment in the tools we can use daily at the office:

This is an EcoStapler™. It uses no staples so you don’t have to worried about running out of staples. How cool is that? Use EcoStapler™ like any other staplers you used before and it will clip 3 pages together by smartly cutting and folding the papers together. Save on steel usage and long term use for just £4.89 (about US$7.41).

Now, this is my favourite eco stuff. The Tyre Pencil Case is a simple concept that shows how much recycling can do. Made out of used tyre, just like what’s written on the pencil case, “I used to be…a car tyre”. This pencil case is durable, practical with simple zipper and very awesome message that will warmth your eco conscience – all this for just £3.95 (US$6.00).

Now I’m going to show you all the H2O Battery:
This small little H2O battery can be placed in a Water Powered Calculator and Water Powered Desk Clock. The power can run for 3 months!

This is a Water Powered Calculator, all you need to do is fill the H2O Battery and placed it behind the calculator. Save money buying batteries and get to preserve the environment too!

Even a clock can be run with water. With the H2O Battery that is removable at the back of this Water Powered Desk Clock, you can filled it up and expect a 3 months of long and lasting usage. This clock has every features that include time, day and date; alarm settings; countdown timer; temperature. I am going to get myself one of this!

For more Eco stuff and purchases, visit Nigel’s Eco Store.

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