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Let’s keep those nipples under wraps!

January 29th, 2009

When you want to be professional and make a good impression, nothing can hurt your chances more than wearing the wrong kind of bra or shirt and having a cool breeze bring your nipples to attention. Up until now, unless you’ve had a jacket or sweater with you at the time, you would just have to pretend that there was nothing wrong and hope no one would stare at your chest inappropriately.


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Portable ashtray!

January 26th, 2009

Ever been in that situation where a smoker friend drops by and you scurry around to find an ashtray?

If you don’t puff away at the sticks yourself, chances are you won’t splash out your money for an ashtray. As it is, you probably want to discourage your friend from chain smoking his/her way to an early meeting with the gentleman carrying a harvesting tool.

Portable ashtray

On the other hand, if you happen to be that smoker friend and are just tired of tapping your cigarette into an old milk carton, this post will be rather annoying. Plus, you probably want an ashtray solution.

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Cutting it straight all the way

January 25th, 2009

Now, if you sell fabrics for a living or you are an experienced tailor, you would probably think that you are pretty good in precision cutting but hey, nobody is perfect, right? Cutting straight lines can strain your eyes, make your hands shiver and a long cut later, we will probably find crooked line or uneven jagged lines.

Now, you won’t get that with the Laser Scissors!
With just the aim of the pinpoint laser, cut following the visible line and you’ll get a perfect straight line.

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The Art of Yawning

January 23rd, 2009

I yawned twice a few minutes ago and it got me wondered why do we yawn. I mean, besides the fact that it is 1AM in the morning. In Wikipedia, it says that yawning is associated with tiredness, stress, overwork, lack of stimulation, or boredom. (Source: Wikipedia)

That explains it, sometimes I yawn in the morning after 8 hours of sleeping – a nice 8 hours of sleeping; maybe I was lack of stimulation in the morning. In fact, I see my family and even my partner waking up, yawn and stretch at the same time, which is called “pandiculation”. (Source: The Free Dictionary)

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The Really Private Eyes

January 22nd, 2009

Have you ever experienced being rudely interrupted during your TV time? Or sometimes, you just love late night movies but you have to put the volume to as minimal as possible so you won’t awaken your better half? I get that all the time. At first, I would plug in a headphone with long cable into the TV, then the next thing I know, I am tangled. Oh, headache!

But now, there is a better solution where you can get the privacy you wanted while watching movies with no interruptions! Introducing the Eyepod Cinema Glasses!
With 80 inch Virtual Screen, you can watch your favourite movies wherever and whenever you are! Eyepod Cinema Glasses can be connected to any multimedia devices with AV output and the glasses itself will function as the monitor.

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Cool USB bouncer

January 21st, 2009

Don’t you hate pesky office mates messing about with your PC? Changing the name of your favorite song to the awful theme song from Tokyo Drift? 🙂 Taking a screen cap of your desktop and hiding all the icons?

The list goes on. What you need is some damage control. And what better bodyguard for your PC than the Terminator! It’s a motion detector of sorts that plugs into the USB port. It’s one mean looking guy with sun glasses and shaved head. Why call him Terminator, he’s got Prison Break written all over him.

USB Bouncer

Wait, it gets better. The little guy has a motion detector in his jacket button and when a mischief-maker comes close to your PC, he will blast off a choice number of warnings.

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The awesome drippy clip

January 19th, 2009

Sometimes you get this need to fight the monotony in your office. Everything looks the same. They are all square-shaped or gray or just simply dull.

At least that’s what you feel like on a Monday. Or worse. Right after a fun-filled holidays with family and friends. You get this sudden urge to add a bit of color or life to your little desk. You know, fend off the blahs.

So what do you end up searching for? Cute and adorable stationary that add a bit of spark to your desk. And this one is just too pretty for words. It is basically a paper clip holder that is shaped like a kitchen sink.

Paperclip holder

Not only can you place all your clips in that ‘sink’ but you can hang one in the faucet.

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Creative KFC

January 18th, 2009

KFC is one of the biggest chains of fast food restaurant in the world. Though it has gone through its controversial trials, people still love going there. Well, the fried chickens there are quite nice, no doubt but other than eating, I don’t know what else we can do in a KFC restaurant. Anyway, one of the patrons had some creative ideas what to do after eating the fried chicken. Using the bones mostly, the Pepsi paper cups, KFC packaging, some chili sauce and toothpick, these are the results:

Slam dunk KFC!

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Which Is My Wife?

January 16th, 2009

In 25th July 2008, 60 Jordanian couples took part in a mass wedding ceremony in Amman. organized by Jordanian Islamic charity, this annual mass wedding ceremony is perfect for young couples that are unable to afford expensive ceremonies.

Here you can see the bride making her way to her husband. Its easier for the wives to spot their husbands of course.
I’ve seen mass wedding on tv and news before but this mass wedding is really interesting because if I was one of the bridegrooms, I’d have to be really good in identifying my wife under the heavy veiled white burqa (or burka).

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Going for a wee wee in Japan

January 15th, 2009

Japan – the land of the rising sun, where odd fashions can be found, eccentric inventors lurking somewhere to churn out brilliant ideas and bowing is the greatest greeting trend. Then there is the public facilities; the cute payphone booth, the singing soda machine and of course, the important one – the public toilet. After all the green teas, you got to pee right?

There are rules in using the public toilets in Japan of course, just like how the sign shows it:
Let’s see now, sit properly, don’t squat on the toilet seat, don’t stick your head into the toilet bowl, don’t pee standing up (for the men), no fishing (what in the world are we to fish in there anyway?) and no dog style peeing at the urinals (very creative).

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