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Making the Retro Call

December 24th, 2008

Do you Skype? Or make video calls using MSN or Yahoo Messengers? Well, I do. Especially when one is having a girlfriend/boyfriend or family or even business overseas. As hard as that sounds, the internet helped a lot. Save a lot on the normal phone calls I have to make to my significant other in Hong Kong for sure! For two years, with Skype, I have been using headphone with a small microphone jutting out from the left side of the headphone. Well, I sure look like a call operator. Then I found Hulger Pappa*Phone:
PAPPA*PHONE is the combination of old and new phone with the outburst of extreme simplicity. It is a luxury phone design by HULGER and handmade by Furni of Montreal, Canada and all you need to do is plug it into your laptop or computer, and you can use it immediately! You can also use it on Mac.

Pappa*Phone has the simple touch of a 1970s phone; it even comes with the 1.5 metres of handset cord, except for the number pads, Pappa*Phone is just like the real phone and works like one too.

Made out of real, solid American walnut and hand-polished brass, Pappa*Phone finishing can be restored using a coat of high quality furniture polish or premium Danish oil to the wooden parts. The brass parts can be maintained using any quality brass polish.

Just by plugging in the laptop or computer, Pappa*Phone works without any installation software and compatible with all the VoIP services such as Skype, iChat, MSN, GTalk, Yahoo Messenger and so on.

Although Pappa*Phone is a little on the pricey side, at the price of €225.00 (255 Euros), but imagine how much you are saving from overseas calls using normal phone. And now, thanks to Pappa*Phone, one can look much classier holding the beautiful solid walnut phone than looking like a call operator.

For more information on Pappa*Phone, Hulgar originally designed phones and other cool, retro stuff, click here!

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