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Would you like some candies?

December 15th, 2008

Calling all those with sweet-teeth! Yeap, this post is all about candies. Not just ordinary candies, we are talking about serious candy mania, from cute candies to weird to disgusting. It almost seems that candies are not just for consumption anymore; it’s consume with “experience”. Check out these candies and you will know what I’m talking about.

OK, let me give you a few categories of candies I’ve selected to share with you:

Candy Pooper
This Chrismas season, there are many types of candies to share with friends and family members. Now, to make it more interesting, how about candies that are pooped by these Christmas characters?

Yes, this Reindeer Dog pooped out mini round chocolates. His satisfying grin makes it seems like a relief disposing candies. Who wouldn’t, when you are pooping chocolates?

This Santa Candy Pooper is definitely enjoying himself as he presents the sweet gifts, directly from his behind.

My favorite um…Candy Pooper. The Snowman Candy Pooper is refillable and “poop-able”. Now, what’s with candies and pooping?!

I remembered my first Dip-a-Candy. It’s a lollipop shaped like a foot, give the “foot” a lick or you can pop it into your mouth to wet it, and then dip it into a packet of pop rocks. Walla! Its like mini war zone in your mouth with all the crackling and popping sensation. This candy has the same concept but its much, much more interesting.

If plunging toilet is your game, this is your candy. With lollipop shaped like a plunger, and a mini colored toilet, its time to plunge into sweetness. You didn’t expect that plunging a toilet can get you high on all the popping and cracking sensation in your mouth, did you? Well, now you do.

Think-Twice Candies:
There are certain things you really can’t combine with candies at all. But still, these candies do exist. Then again, it is interestingly creative.

How about that? Pooping candies is one thing, chocolate candy in a shape of an excrement. You can choose to have either normal milk chocolate or dark chocolate. Better make sure it is really a chocolate candy before you take a bite or else….

This Zit Candy is so real! With juice in the centre, you can squeeze them all out like zits or suck it out if you want to. OK – I just lost my appetite.

There you go, selected candies that are weird to totally gross-out to some. Use it as a gift since Christmas is coming, or keep it til Valentine’s, either way, be sure to see their reaction when they see or eat these candies, especially the last two.

To see more of these kind of candies and where to purchase it, click here.

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