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Hot-taste garbage bag

November 28th, 2008

Don’t you hate it when icky ticky birds rustle through your trash?

Alright, so most of my trash ends at the bottom of the big bag trash bin but I know a lot of folk who leave an extra bag next to the stuffed to brim trash bins.

Or, if you are like some who make questionable decisions, leave your trash bag on the balcony.

I call that a happy meal for the pigeons! Well, someone who feels really strongly about it has come up with a solution. Maybe they had to spend an entire Saturday scooping up bits of rubbish smeared with bird droppings. Who knows.

Hot garbage bag

Point is we have a winner. Yaburenzo have invented this fancy trash bag which have a secret ingredient – liquid chilli lining!

I’m not sure how this work but it sounds like there is this inner lining in the bag itself that is filled with the hot stuff. So peck away you silly birds and see what happens.

What I do wonder is would you really have less trash bag scavenging by birds? I mean will they remember that your bags are the really nasty ones? Won’t they forget the next day and peck away at the trash only to choke and sneeze like crazy?

And will they gossip with other friends and they all keep a wide berth around your rubbish? 🙂

I see a loophole! Now if only I can sell this info to the birds.

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  1. TVwatcher
    December 11th, 2008 at 00:40 | #1

    Too bad members of the avian family don’t react to oleoresin capsicum (the chemical that gives spicy food it’s spice). It will not affect pigeons at all.

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