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Please Mug Me!

November 23rd, 2008

Needless to say, mugs are one of the most essential items you need both at home and in the office. Just take a look around your office, majority of your colleagues have a mug on their tables. While most coffee mugs are for coffees, some are for teas and even water. Can you imagine not having a mug in the office?

Yeap, that is how important are mugs, especially for coffee drinkers.

Mug designs are very popular too; some came with simple and plain design, some with very outrageous colours and pattern. Here I found some really cool mugs:

The “I am not a paper cup” mug

When you hold this, people would have thought it’s a paper cup you get when you buy coffee from any cafes. And it has the the hole on the lid for you to drink from, just like the real paper cup.

Made out of white porcelain for the body and silicone lid, you can walk around having your drink with style without people staring at you; like you are carrying a mug while walking on the street. Just don’t drop it.

Here I found the 3 Face Mug Series:
The Panda Face Mug

The Koala Face Mug

The Cat Face Mug

Notice that the mugs are made as such that after you washed your mugs and place it upside down, you won’t see a boring bottom of a cup but cute animal faces. It’s practical and looks cool both facing you.

The Stacked Mug

One cup for some is not enough to truly enjoy coffee and get the kick out of it but with the Stacked Mug, you can have three rounds of beverages in one mug! Simple and yet really cool design.

The W Right On Mug

Presenting to you, a mug you can write on. So when you are out of off post it or memo papers, this mug will do fine.

So…It doesn’t matter where you are or what you are doing, these mugs are great office companions and awesome household items you would love to have. I know i do.

For more information of the purchases and item browsing, check HERE to check out the website.

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