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Will you mug with me?

November 10th, 2008

Imagine. Two years of dating and “committed”; then one day he brought you to the place you both first met and its not even an anniversary. After dinner, suddenly he held your hand and looked intently into your eyes. Heart skipped a beat, you could feel it coming. Is he going to pop THE question? His eyes never left yours, he produced a box from the paper bag he brought with him earlier. Its so exciting! Black box, like a ring box except much, much bigger for a ring – but maybe it’s the packaging, you thought. Then he opened it:

WOW! You felt like fainting. The ring is real enough, with a shiny diamond. So you were touched, there is a tear waiting at the edge of your eye for its cue after you wear the ring.

You finally took the ring:

“What is this?!” You take a long look at your “ring” attached to a white (and cheap!) porcelain with real Swarovski diamond stud on the handle and you looked at him, still grinning because you were “excited” about the gift. It still cost a fair bit, about USD18.

Well, at least he gave you something that resembles a ring. Have you ever heard of “its the thought that counts?”.

Quite a practical gift in fact, drink your coffee and while looking somewhat stylish, don’t you think so?

For more information on purchasing this 2-Carat Mug, click here.

Thanks Cartooncave for the awesome illustration!

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