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Ad Ahoy! : When all you need is extra

November 7th, 2008

What do you need when you are sleepy at work? What do you seek for when you are playing basketball and chewing something makes you focus? What do you look for when you realised your breath is not exactly “fresh”?
Yeap! You need a chewing gum. Chewy, minty, flavoury and in some way, cool. Chewing gums has been around for ages! In fact, during the olden times, people started chewing on leaves and plants. That is way, way back then. OK, Let’s not get too far now.

One of the first chewing gums I ever chewed on is Extra chewing gum. It has been around since 1984, making its name as the first sugar-free chewing gum in the market. Recently, I saw Extra’s TV commercial and I simply love it! Then I searched in Youtube for more of the similar ads and I got seven of it!

Using the combination of people in everyday situations and activities with cute puppet-like food animations, these series has simple concept and nicely executed video editing. The puppet-like characters consist of the pink frosted donut, the coffee cup, the cigarette, the snack pack, chocolate chips cookie, the peeled banana, the sushi and so on. My favourite ones are the pink frosted donut and the coffee cup. Check it out!

This is the ad I saw on the TV. Wherever the guy go, the food will follow. Click HERE to see this video.

This is one of my favourites. The idea of making those foods as naughty and nosy as possible are really cool. You got to see the pink frosted donut playing with the pendulum and got hit by it on the tummy. Check out the video HERE!

This ad is shorter compare to the others and without human element. Nicely done earthquake effect. Watch the video HERE!

Click HERE to watch this video. It is similar to the ad before this, but instead of catapulting the gum, this one is dropping the gum like a bomb with juice!

Although this one is not as exciting than the rest, nevertheless, the flow of the concept is still there. Check out the video HERE!

If you’ve watched Bourne Identity, you would wish this ad to be made a movie instead, with Banana Bourne! Watch this video HERE!

You have to watch THIS! No foods in this one except for the opera gum! The gum sings!

After watching these TV ads, I would really like to see those cute foods as plushes. It would be quite adorable, don’t you think so?

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