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Hot-taste garbage bag

November 28th, 2008

Don’t you hate it when icky ticky birds rustle through your trash?

Alright, so most of my trash ends at the bottom of the big bag trash bin but I know a lot of folk who leave an extra bag next to the stuffed to brim trash bins.

Or, if you are like some who make questionable decisions, leave your trash bag on the balcony.

I call that a happy meal for the pigeons! Well, someone who feels really strongly about it has come up with a solution. Maybe they had to spend an entire Saturday scooping up bits of rubbish smeared with bird droppings. Who knows.

Hot garbage bag

Point is we have a winner. Yaburenzo have invented this fancy trash bag which have a secret ingredient – liquid chilli lining!

I’m not sure how this work but it sounds like there is this inner lining in the bag itself that is filled with the hot stuff. So peck away you silly birds and see what happens.

What I do wonder is would you really have less trash bag scavenging by birds? I mean will they remember that your bags are the really nasty ones? Won’t they forget the next day and peck away at the trash only to choke and sneeze like crazy?

And will they gossip with other friends and they all keep a wide berth around your rubbish? πŸ™‚

I see a loophole! Now if only I can sell this info to the birds.

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Please Mug Me!

November 23rd, 2008

Needless to say, mugs are one of the most essential items you need both at home and in the office. Just take a look around your office, majority of your colleagues have a mug on their tables. While most coffee mugs are for coffees, some are for teas and even water. Can you imagine not having a mug in the office?

Yeap, that is how important are mugs, especially for coffee drinkers.

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Rude and chewed refrigerator magnets

November 21st, 2008

My kingdom for a chewing gum… or something profound like that, says the recovering smoker.

That sad little intro of mine leads up to this strange little product I found – fridge magnets shaped like gooey chewed up gum. While it will certainly make an eccentric decoration on your fridge (or kill everyone’s appetite when they approach the fridge), it can also have many benefits.

Chewed refrigerator magnets

Say you are a student sharing the kitchen area with other fellow students. While most housemates arrive in the form of siblings you always wanted, some can be an absolute nightmare.

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The puzzle of all puzzles

November 19th, 2008

First off, a lot of people get upset when election jokes lean towards one party or candidate. After all, you hear about it all the time, on the news, on the street or in the coffee shops. Maybe you don’t want to see it on any sites you frequent for your daily dose of funnies.

Well, no worries there. This article is not pro or anti any party. In fact, it caters to supporters of both parties in its own unique way.

Presidential puzzle

The object in question is an interesting jigsaw puzzle depicting various American Presidents. The 500 piece puzzle called Presidential Puzzle portrays an imaginary scenario where various American Presidents get together to play poker. There are two versions – one showing Democratic Presidents like JFK, Wilson and Clinton and other showing Republican leaders like Lincoln, Regan and Bush Snr.

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Potato Love

November 17th, 2008

In Boist, Idaho, February 2006, a woman discovered a very unique potato; a heart-shaped potato. Yeap, you heard me, heart-shaped. It’s amazing how it got through the state’s inspection system, as any unique or weird shaped potatoes will be turned into french fries and those which are perfect oval or round-shaped potatoes will be sold in the market. But during Potato Lover’s Month, which is February, this unique potato made it through the “chop chop” and into Linda Greene’s home:

This is Linda Greene with Love Potato, very near her own heart.
So happen that Linda here, loves heart-shaped items, from jewelries to postcards to pendants and anything that is heart-shaped. Well, it seems that this potato has found its new home, loved by this lady.

Its said that Linda placed her precious potato in the basement cupboard and she did mentioned that she was wondering if she plant this potato, will it sprout heart-shaped potatoes too? We are wondering the same thing. Well, she can definitely try and we would love to know the result. But it has been 2 years plus now, and we have yet to hear of the Heart Potato in Idaho.

For more of Linda Greene and her Love Potato, click HERE!

Here’s a close up of a heart-shaped potato found at the Potato Festival at Sentry Hill Historic House, UK:

To see other heart-shaped potatoes in other places, check out these links!




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How to steal a swimming pool 101

November 14th, 2008

Having a pool is awesome, especially in hot sunny days. So you got yourself an inflatable pool, wade around it in the summer with your kids or yourself, if you are single that is.

10 feet in diameter and 30 inches high pool, with capacity to fill in 915 gallon at 80% full, and its not made with some flimsy materials, its made of super-tough rubbers with three separate layers of material for extra strength and durability! Perfect!

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Cute penguin tea timer

November 13th, 2008

There’s nothing fancier than a gentleman in a top hat, all dressed up in black and white making your tea for you.

Well, you are one step closer to that dream. Check out this cute little penguin tea timer!

Penguin tea timer

This charming little fella comes with a timer and a little ball. Place your tea bag into the little ball, set the timer and watch him in action.

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Will you mug with me?

November 10th, 2008

Imagine. Two years of dating and “committed”; then one day he brought you to the place you both first met and its not even an anniversary. After dinner, suddenly he held your hand and looked intently into your eyes. Heart skipped a beat, you could feel it coming. Is he going to pop THE question? His eyes never left yours, he produced a box from the paper bag he brought with him earlier. Its so exciting! Black box, like a ring box except much, much bigger for a ring – but maybe it’s the packaging, you thought. Then he opened it:

WOW! You felt like fainting. The ring is real enough, with a shiny diamond. So you were touched, there is a tear waiting at the edge of your eye for its cue after you wear the ring.

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Ad Ahoy! : When all you need is extra

November 7th, 2008

What do you need when you are sleepy at work? What do you seek for when you are playing basketball and chewing something makes you focus? What do you look for when you realised your breath is not exactly “fresh”?
Yeap! You need a chewing gum. Chewy, minty, flavoury and in some way, cool. Chewing gums has been around for ages! In fact, during the olden times, people started chewing on leaves and plants. That is way, way back then. OK, Let’s not get too far now.

One of the first chewing gums I ever chewed on is Extra chewing gum. It has been around since 1984, making its name as the first sugar-free chewing gum in the market. Recently, I saw Extra’s TV commercial and I simply love it! Then I searched in Youtube for more of the similar ads and I got seven of it!

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Toilet of the Future

November 6th, 2008

What a load of crap, that’s just BS and Holy S**t don’t apply to this super chic device. Alright, maybe just the last one.

It’s the face of the future, at least for the toilet bowl. Neorest 600 is a tank-less smooth curved toilet that will usher in the New Century for your humble home.

Cool toilets

There’s a useful sensor – auto opens/closes lid as it detects you staggering over to it. The sensor based open-close does have a “Master, what can I do for you today” quality to it… not that I am complaining.

And no more pressing knobby buttons after you have done your deed; the intelligent thingy does it all for you. Did I hear a glee of joy from the clean-freaks? πŸ™‚

Oh and you know the terrible midnight loo jolts, how you are wide awake the moment you place your pampered warm posterior on the ice cold seat in winter? Well, brownie points for this one, the comfy seat is heated! No more dreading the cold season loo trips.

How cool is this? It even has an air deodorizer, you know, for those slightly *ahem* wafty smell moments.

The face of toilet future does not come cheap. If the price on the bottom right is any indication, you could end up paying a hefty $6,000! And we thought buying hair/face care products were costly. πŸ™‚

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