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Let your top glow!

October 27th, 2008

Ever thought of being a green haired punk for one night? Wait, wait, wait, how about being a GLOWING green haired punk? And its for one night only, meaning its washable and gone the next day. Very good especially for those who won’t want to wake up going to work with green hair and scare the hell out of everybody in the office when there are any blackouts. For the coming halloween season, this might just be the perfect thing to make yourself looking really outstanding in a club or a party.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is IGlow. Work like a hair gel, it doesn’t just colour your hair, once applied and all lights off, walla! Green glowing hair!

This is when you just applied it:

Looking equally cool even though not in the dark.

This is after you applied it and lights out!:

Whoa! The glowing part is really intense!
Cool isn’t it? Clinically proven safe for skin or scalp, this gel can last up up to 6 hours and washable with normal shampoo or soaps. So no worries and let your top glow!

For more information on purchase of this product, please go to IGlow.

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