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Entire town forgets to vote in election

October 26th, 2008

Let this be a lesson to all of us – if you expect someone else to do it, no one will do it.

Or rather, voting abstinence = epic failure.

Alrighty, enough with the cryptic dialogue, let me explain the full story.


A small town American, small enough to still be called a village, had a bland voting session to elect the new mayor. Apparently no one, and I mean not even the actual candidates, turned up to vote.

I suppose there are more important matters in life than voting. Why the current mayor Darrel Brudevold himself was sweating it out amongst his crops and couldn’t make it to the event. Can’t neglect the big stuff, people gotta eat.

His wife Ruth was not challenged for her alderman seat. But then she herself was doing the hefty task of postmaster and giving pedicures in her beauty shop and thus, couldn’t make it to vote either.

After living in a big city, I balk at the thought of a bit of nepo-tiz, you know what I mean. But to do a bit of the walk the walk, talk the talk empathy, perhaps that is how it works in small hamlets?

It still sounds so weird; the town run by one man and his family. Through in Clint Eastwood and you have a good old western. By the way I just love this comment in the article; people prioritize for what’s important.

‘The only time we really get people to show up is when we want to raise taxes – then everybody shows up.’

Right! 🙂

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