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Ads that really made their point

October 15th, 2008

You are walking down a street one day to a glass covered bus stop and you see no one in it. Are you sure? To your shock however, when you reached the front of the bus stop, you see a guy sitting in it. He couldn’t care less how shock you look. And just to be sure, you walked out again to the side of the bus stop for a quick reality check. Nobody! Are you sure the man sitting there is well, a real man?

The copy for this ad is “Is invisibility possible?” Not sure from what company and what’s the message though. If anyone know, please share with us.

Anyway, welcome to the world of Ambience Advertising; where advertisings are really breaking the barrier than just mere sight and sound. Some called it outdoor ads because most ambience advertising are made outdoor. “Touching” an advertising is now very possible. Even interacting with one is just not surprising anymore. Check out this Mc Donald’s interesting outdoor advertisement.

Interesting way of getting people to stop and actually trying to solve the puzzle.

Now this is one of my many favourites:

Made in Thailand, this Rejoice ad really made its point. Outstanding, straight to the point and it made sense!

Great size, great ad! Its almost an illusion of seeing the people walking “into” the Mini Cooper unendingly.

Now this is my favourite so far. Try and get the money out of that glass box. Do tell if someone really break it.

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