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Who needs a cuckoo when you can have chocolate?

October 30th, 2008

Ever had those awful months when clients just want to make your life hell (Of course they sent that email and the project is due tomorrow) and your manager is all cranky after her last break-up? It’s true, other than the rather creative use of a baseball bat in a dark alley followed by some strenuous shovel work, there really is nothing you can do about them.

Chocolate clock

However, you can get a timely device that delivers delightfully yummy chocolate every hour, a timely savior just as you are ready to make a run for the door.

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Baby Blues

October 29th, 2008

Remember the comic called “Baby Blues”? Yeap, the one with a couple (the lady with the big hair and guy with big nose) and their 3 kids.

Do you know: Baby Blue’s creator is the same guy who created Zits!

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Let your top glow!

October 27th, 2008

Ever thought of being a green haired punk for one night? Wait, wait, wait, how about being a GLOWING green haired punk? And its for one night only, meaning its washable and gone the next day. Very good especially for those who won’t want to wake up going to work with green hair and scare the hell out of everybody in the office when there are any blackouts. For the coming halloween season, this might just be the perfect thing to make yourself looking really outstanding in a club or a party.

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Entire town forgets to vote in election

October 26th, 2008

Let this be a lesson to all of us – if you expect someone else to do it, no one will do it.

Or rather, voting abstinence = epic failure.

Alrighty, enough with the cryptic dialogue, let me explain the full story.


A small town American, small enough to still be called a village, had a bland voting session to elect the new mayor. Apparently no one, and I mean not even the actual candidates, turned up to vote.

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It’s a booby trap

October 24th, 2008

Years after women burned their bras as a sign of liberation, one woman flings up her bra and saves her life.

Intrigued? Oooh, it gets weirder.

An American hiker was wandering around the Austrian Alps and taking in the fresh mountain air when whoopsie daisy, she had fallen off a ledge. So there was Jessica Brown, lying injured for 70 hours, hoping that early dinner appointment comes around looking for her.

Booby trap

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The donuts you will definitely enjoy!

October 20th, 2008

I always like donuts, from Dunkin’ Donuts to Big Apple to home-made, I like it, especially when it is glazed with white chocolate or mint with chocolate chips. Sounds yummy isn’t it?
Then one day, someone posted something online that caught my eyes – Bbq Donut. So I decided I would check this BBQ Donut out because I’ve tried so many donuts over the years and I have never see nor tried a barbequed flavored donut before.

To my surprise, this is the first picture I saw when I typed “bbq donut” and pressed SEARCH:

Well, I understand why it is called “donut” because of the round shape, but I don’t know why “bbq”. So the probing and researching began.

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Let’s play the guessing game

October 19th, 2008

Who could resist a guessing game? The satisfaction of getting it correct is just pure blissful. So hey, I am not going to let FunnyCoolStuff reader miss all the fun. Here are some interestingly fun picture I got from someone very dear to me (Although I did purposely make a few wrong guesses for HER satisfaction and gain my own satisfaction just to see her face expression, if you catch my drift). Anyway, guess away!

Ok, this is easy. This kind of picture is like those pictures that plays with the concept of illusion. But seriously, if you can’t see this, go and see an eye doctor or if you prefer, check with your shrink.

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Today’s specials – Alien covered in Mushroom sauce

October 16th, 2008

Bear with me on this, it promises to be your bizarre news of the day. Or the wtf story for the cooler, depending on where you fit into the grapevine.

So, here goes. Russian fishermen in Rostov recently made the catch of the day – a strange, shark-like creature.

Squeaky fish

Except it was not really a shark. The absence of the gaping mouth, biting chunk off your leg sort of movements, as is typical of any self respecting shark, was a bit of a giveaway.

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Ads that really made their point

October 15th, 2008

You are walking down a street one day to a glass covered bus stop and you see no one in it. Are you sure? To your shock however, when you reached the front of the bus stop, you see a guy sitting in it. He couldn’t care less how shock you look. And just to be sure, you walked out again to the side of the bus stop for a quick reality check. Nobody! Are you sure the man sitting there is well, a real man?

The copy for this ad is “Is invisibility possible?” Not sure from what company and what’s the message though. If anyone know, please share with us.

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Navigating your way the 1920s’ style!

October 14th, 2008

Losing directions is one of my weaknesses. If there are too many roads around, I would find myself extremely clueless with the directions whether I am walking or driving without a map or a few phone calls to friends. Sometimes I wondered whether there is a better way than having a Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) or Satellite Navigation System (SatNav) that would possibly cost a bomb to have one installed in your car.

In some countries, GPS or SatNav are so common that in Tokyo, every taxi has one!

Clean seats, courteous driver and very informative taxi.

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