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Toys with a twist!

September 25th, 2008

This is no proper toys for most common adults, let alone kids. While most may cringe at these horribly disturbing handcrafted soft toys, some actually finds this interesting and make it a collection – like art collection. I have some telling me they are actually adorable! Well, they have their own cuteness. One thing though, I tried looking for their maker online but with no avail. So do share with us if you know who their maker is. Such intriguing handicrafts deserve its recognition, don’t you think so?

Bad day for the kitty.

Somehow the blood stain looks fake-ly vivid.

The head looks familiar.

Sadomasochism in a different kind of form. And its pink!

The creepy part is not a girl with a big scissors stuck on her chest, its the smile on her face.

This one doesn’t look so bad. Its all too common especially when you the type who watches National Geographic channel.

I think the teddy bear has learn not to mess with an unicorn.

I don’t mean to be evil but I like this the best. The rabbit looks almost relaxing with that carrot pinning him to the wall.

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