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Smitten by mittens

September 24th, 2008

These adorable items caught my eyes as I was browsing the internet. I had a few guesses of what is was;

Hand puppets
Very cute rubber puppets but makes your hand sweat a lot because its stuffy in there.

Cute hand gloves
Looks a little too rubbery for a normal gloves.

Rubber paper clips
Too soft to be paper clips though

Now what are those really? Check it out:

Yes! It’s an Animal Hothead Pot Holder! Hotheadedly cute, convenient, handy and keeps your hand protected from the hot pot handle. Made with pure grade of silicone rubber, it will keep your hands safe from temperatures of -50°C to 230°C. Came in awesome colors, and available in three kinds of animals (Frog, dog and mouse), these Hot Headed animals are sure to make you grin while you cook.

For more purchase information, click here.

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