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On the road and off

September 22nd, 2008

Accidents are not pleasant events but it happens to everyone, on road and off. In our effort to stay away from car accidents as much as we can everyday, well, we see some accidents that are not fatal but somewhat bizarre and at times, hilarious.

With just a support from the truck, this van is incredibly balanced and I bet you wondered how it got that way. Well, I am not sure how it got there, but speed might cause this so its entirely possible with almost any vehicles. Thus, slow down, take it easy and be careful.

We have here, one extremely over-washed car. This is the case of the garage linking directly to the poolside or road even!

The guy who is driving this car is obviously doing better than Hollywood stunts. Why? Because these are not stunts, these are real bruises.

Is Santa Claus switching to a car? If he is, I think he needs to work on his parking skills.

This picture should be sent to National Geographic, just like those animals going to the river to take a drink; in this case, it is a BMW getting a drink and getting a tow after.

Even cars scavenges for their scraps. “Don’t touch that fuel tube! I saw it first!”

Its raining giant muffins!! Get your plates and containers ready!

Carpool is a great idea but lets not overdo it.

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