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Did something just illuminate under you?

August 28th, 2008

How about a LightBench for your social boosting campaign? This is not an ordinary bench but it’s a chair that illuminates with just the touch of your fingertips and a remote control.

“Wait a minute!” you said, “You need a remote control for a bench?” you asked. Yes! This bench came with a built-in RGB LED technology which allows you to choose the color you fancy or change it in a different range of colors and shades with the remote control that comes with it.

Goodbye dull garden or living room, the LightBench will light it all up. Designed by a German designer, Lutz Hopbach, these benches are water-proof and hardy so you can choose to put it in both indoors and outdoors.

Lightbench is made environmentally friendly as they ONLY use 95 watts of electricity! Attractive, easy-to-clean and maintain, this is one bench you’ve got to have!

Find out more about LightBench and its purchase information at

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