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Norwegian muddle

August 27th, 2008

We all hate red tape; the process, the procedures, getting all the documents together and making sure there are no coffee spills on it …. call it good times with bureaucracy!

Well, what happens when you’ve paid your dues, stood in a queue with million other people to fill in papers and finally got your ID papers sorted out, only to find, a few years later, that you are no longer a citizen of that country!


Too much of a round about? Let me explain.

Quite a large number of Norwegians are discovering that they are in fact Swedes! Gasp!

So even though they were born in Norway and perhaps had a Norwegian dad with a respectable European mustache, bureaucratically speaking, they were in fact Swedish!!

Remember that nagging feeling you had all our life, that you don’t really belong? Well, your worst fears are now confirmed, you don’t!!

How does that happen? According to the article in Aften Post;

At the passport office at the Oslo police department, they are aware of the problem. Tormod Ødegård, leader of the passport section, thinks that poor routines in the past could explain why Swedish citizens have been issued Norwegian passports.

How does that even work? I mean, surely you need to prove citizenship before you get a passport? How slack were these guys in the first place?

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