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We thought weird stuff only happen in sitcoms

August 14th, 2008

And we thought weird stuff only happen in sitcoms!

Have you heard about the Indian man who wanted to divorce his wife but was probably too scared to approach her? Why else would he hire someone to pretend to be his spouse in court and, you know, go through the whole process?

I am sorry

To describe the story in a nutshell, Sanjib Saha showed up for the divorce proceedings with someone impersonating his wife. Scheming devil, isn’t he? Oh yes, his eye sight was not that bad so the old “I didn’t have my contacts on so I didn’t recognise her” was clearly not going to work.

You seriously have to ask yourself – did he really think that he was going to get away with it? She lived in the same house, what was he going to do, pack his bags, disappear to Mauritius and have a ‘canoe accident’? That clearly didn’t work for that British guy, did it?

Furthermore, don’t you have to show your ID and all sorts of other paperwork just to get married in the first place? Surely the same applies when cutting off all ties?

And, to continue with the world’s pansiest divorcce, his wife found out when she was told rather unceremoniously to leave the house. Ouch.

Of course the court overruled the divorce documentation once she hired the big guns on her behalf.

This made it to the papers, the whole country knows of his mess up now. Good luck getting married a second time around.


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  1. August 21st, 2008 at 06:37 | #1

    I’m suprised that he didn’t have her killed like americans are told to believe indian marriages work.

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