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Have you seen a swimming kangaroo?

July 31st, 2008

Despite the ho-hum and hu-ha of naysayers, telly and Internet ain’t such a bad thing. It sure gives humans more info and better survival capabilities.


Take this poor kangaroo for instance. For some inexplicable reason, he stared off into the vast horizon for a while before doing a few cute bounces into the big, scary sea.

You can see why this was be wrong on so many levels. Can he swim, the mildly finicky may ask. “What about horrid sea currents that pull you in”, the fretting parents who hover over their children will wonder. Of course, the avid movie watcher will say, “what about the damn sharks?”

Yea, apparently minutes into this swimming adventure little bouncy was attacked by a shark. Ouch. That’s terrible and you honestly feel bad for the kangaroo.

Sadly, the odds were all against him.

For instance, there probably was a “Watch out, no swimming, sharks about” sort of sign somewhere on the beach. Admittedly, it was aimed at language savvy humans and not marsupials, but that ain’t the point.

Secondly, if an enterprising kangaroo had creatively put together a play about a vicious shark attack on a little island and word or peeps or whatever noises they make had spread all across the Roos, this little fella might not have gone where no kangaroo had gone before.

Makes you wonder why the fella bounced into the sea. Maybe he wanted a good word with dictionary makers about that annoying urban legend surrounding his name.

When everyone likes to tell ya that your name means ‘I don’t know’, it can give you an identity crisis.

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