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Breast enlargement as easy as chewing gums

July 28th, 2008

Some women will try anything to get bigger, fuller breasts. From exercising the chest muscles to taking pills or rubbing on creams, they will give any treatment a try if it means they might go up a cup size or two.

Breast gum

But what if breast enlargement was as easy as just chewing a stick of gum? The makers of Zoft Breast Enhancement gum want you to believe it is. According to them, their sticks of chewiness will actually stimulate the growth of breast tissue, causing 3-4 cup sizes of growth starting in only 1-3 weeks! Of course they still want you to use a full six month supply of gum at the bargain (not really) price of $239.95. But maybe the price is worth it, when the gum not only gives you bigger breasts, but also fights tooth decay and freshens your breath!

Ladies, wanna give this wonderful chewing gum a try? 🙂

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