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A tyrant by any other name is still evil?

July 22nd, 2008

What if you shared a last name with a blood-thristy violent dictator?

Sure, there’s not going to be a school named after you, but in the worst of cases, you might, just might, get your bank account frozen.

Robert Mugabe

Yes, we know, we know. The modern world has been fretting about the evil that is Mr. Robert Mugabe – the world being all human beings of a working age in any functioning country.

We’ve heard it before and keep hearing it more often these days. Everyone and their uncle want him to step down and give someone else the scepter, for heaven’s sake. And to reassure the sensibilities of the politically correct readers; yes, he’s horrible, it’s terrible and Zimbabwe needs a break from chaos.

So it was refreshing to think that HSBC might be doing the good deed for the good people of Zim; freezing the bank account of filthy rich relatives of Mr. Dictator. Yea, buddy, no Milan trips for you while your people starve, that sort of thing.

Except that HSBC made a horrible mistake.

Sam Mugabe found herself suffering from banklessness when HSBC froze her account. Only problem is the poor woman is a Zim-born UK citizen who has absolutely no kinship to Robert Mugabe, president of Zimbabwe and, until recently, dandy Knight of Grand Cross.

Think of it this way. If there was a tyrant with the surname Elliot or Smith, we can’t assume all the poor souls with that last name meets up for a family Christmas dinner with that dodgy leader.

Bit of an embarrassing faux pas there. Should have done a background check first, mate.


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