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A Woman’s New Best Friends?

Fashion conscious but wanting more than just style and looking good? How about gadgets that will make you look and feel luxuriously good as well?
Well, now you have the chance to lay eyes upon the four designs of beautifully cut, glimmering Swarovski crystals embedded along with silver body that gives you 1GB of storage space USB thumb drives. Created by Phillip-Swarovski, the Heart Ware and Heart Beat models came with a lovely cord for you to wear it around your neck, which definitely adds on the glamour; whilst the Lock In and Lock Out series are designed for keychain that would go great with your Swarovski handbag. All four models featured built-in password protection only you can access to.

Let’s pump up your “Heart Beat”

Who could’ve thought you’d be having a “Heart Ware” around your neck?

Aren’t you glad you are “Lock In” with this?

You have this baby to accompany you when you are “Lock Out” of your house.

So, are you feeling the blink-a-blink of technology yet? If you are wondering how much are these beauties, how about USD100 for a start. Then again, it might not be enough.

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  1. Kat
    July 19th, 2008 at 16:08 | #1

    this is the coolest thing that i ever seen dose anyone know where i can buy one of those?

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