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Day Clocks – a whole new way of looking at the time

June 17th, 2008

People nowadays can get so forgetful that they do not remember what day it is or what weekly event they are having on which day! Unless calendars are available at all times, it is unlikely the forgetful ones can survive through the week.

Day clocks

Then there is this new invention called the DayClock. It doesn’t show the time or the date; rather, it shows days, from Monday to Sunday. Weird and unbelievable it may seems, but I believe DayClock is the clock to have, whether you are traveling, going for deep-sea fishing or going for your weekly movie. 🙂

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Computer addicts and bloggers, get this Internet Urinal

June 13th, 2008

The problem with most computers (unless you have a notebook computer with a wireless Internet connection) is that they are usually hooked up somewhere besides the bathroom. And even those that can be carried along to the room with the porcelain throne, they aren’t easy to handle once you are sitting on the toilet. So what is a computer addicted person supposed to do when they are surfing the web and the call of nature sounds? Lucky for all of us computer junkies, the designers at have come up with a solution to this problem – the Internet Urinal!

Internet urinal

Made of hardy plastic and including a “female adapter,” this portable urine container makes it easy to never leave your desk chair again! Just think of how much more time you will have to play that RPG or download songs for iTunes.

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Smart parrot

June 9th, 2008

In Tokyo, Japan, a pet parrot named Yosuke flew out of his cage and got lost. The police eventually rescued him from a nearby roof, but they had no idea who his owners are. Fortunately, Yosuke knew the right thing to do. When a veterinarian came to check up on him, he recited his name and full home address (down to the street number). He was soon reunited with his family.

Smart parrot

That’s pretty smart. Most little kids who get lost in the mall can only cry and wail until their parents come to find them – not quite as smart as the bird-brained parrot. 😀

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Tea and Cake or Death

June 5th, 2008

You know what’s the worst thing about grocery shopping on a weekend? Grumbling pensioners who bump into you and then step on your feet.

Sure, they’re getting on in years and admittedly you do make way out of respect for the elderly. But let’s face it, if you are walking down the street, your body does itch to dive into the hedges when you see an elderly pensioner driving right at you.

One cake

Well, my fears have been confirmed. An elderly pensioner was arrested for stabbing another gentleman – over a piece of cake!

Apparently the 62 year old Italian stabbed Niccolo Bruno at the all-you-can-eat-buffet when Bruno grabbed the last piece of cake. The things you do to satisfy your sweet tooth.

I must admit I did laugh when I read that after the nefarious deed, Alfredo Mancini tried to hobble out of restaurant on his walking stick. The frantic thought crossing his mind that he must flee, the desperate attempt to make a fast getaway …

So much for the saying, “Older and Wiser”.

I am so going to hell for laughing at humorous getaway jokes.

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Smokers to face age test

June 2nd, 2008

Technology can be out of this world sometimes.

A company is Japan is very serious about underage smoking, very serious indeed. So it has decided to incorporate a bit of modern technology to nab these conniving little smokers. There will be super smart vending machines that will size you up and note your facial features. And deem you worthy of a smoke or not.

Funny smokers

Well, nothing as devious as that, rejection doesn’t mean standing in the corner of room wearing a hat or mortifying phone calls to parents. A simple **beep** or perhaps buzzing red lights?

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