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Car gifted by Hitler to Nepal king looking for a new home

June 23rd, 2008

Have you heard about Hitler’s present to the Nepalese family? Not the best of family heirlooms, is it?

If you check Yahoo News (via Reuters), there is a strange headline that sheepishly mutters “Car Gifted by Hitler to Nepal King Awaits New Home“.


Quite shocking, ain’t it? Last I heard, Nepal had just got rid of the monarchy and converted the fancy palace into a tourist magnet also known as a museum. I thought, no wonder they got rid of them, they got goodies in the mail from the mustached tyrant himself.

Then I read the full article. And please do read it, because the heading is so misleading, you tend to imagine the royal family was a secret Hitler fan at heart.

No, apparently there was no right-wing salutes going on there. The story goes that 1939 Mercedes Benz was a gift to the grandpapa of last king, King Gyanendra. And the rest of family didn’t seem too eager to do any name dropping on Hitler’s behalf. After old grandpapa died, the embarrassing connection to the WW2 tyrant was left to rust somewhere.

Of course, I am just assuming that it was a matter of embarrassment to them; seriously, would you nudge a world leader visiting your palace and say “We even got a car from Hitler, wanna see?”

And you know what else struck me? Upon receiving the shiny, new gift, the king had made loads of manual workers carry it all the way to the palace.

A method befitting the gift giver, you feel.

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