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Fall of the Peeping Tom

June 20th, 2008

Talk about karma coming back to bite you.

A 44 year old man in Hong Kong fell from the 10th floor. Oh no, you say, is he alright, how did this happen?

Before you start sending in the flowers and fruit baskets, listen to this: he was secretly trying to film his neighbor showering prior to his … er downfall. Apparently the poor woman saw a hand holding up a cellphone at her window and, in true sitcom fashion, screamed for help.

Peeping tom

So the husband and other neighbors barricaded the pervert in the next apartment.

With no way to go, the peeping tom climbed onto the window ledge and, probably fumbling like a fumbling culprit, fell.

And no, the schmuck didn’t get what he deserved. In a twist of fate befitting a Buster Keaton movie, his fall was broken by a tree branch.

Oh boy!

He is alive and in serious condition in a hospital. In the meantime, someone should check his apartment for dodgy home videos. 🙂

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