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The Petrol Hike Aftermath

June 18th, 2008

Fuel price went up AGAIN! Great. Well, back to the basics, get the best out of nature and take it EASY; yes, I meant slow.

A mule pulling a Hummer
A Hummer can fill up to 32 gallons of fuel. And $4 per gallon, you do the math. Good thing this Hummer’s owner got an ass pulling him around.

Riding on a greyhound
Really cost saving. And the pit stops are probably stocked up with dog foods and fresh drinking water.

Sled dogs pulling car
The huskies must be wondering why their loads are heavier than before, not knowing they are really pulling 1.5 tons of steel behind them.

Wind Car
Efficient, cost saving and easy to handle. But what if it’s a windless day?

Good arm exercise
A good way to get a good exercise, nicely toned arms and a noise-free neighborhood; except for a few grunts and wheezes.

When desperation sets in, this is the combinations you will get:
Ride a cow
A cow with an attitude

Plane with wings
A plane that actually “spreads” its wings

So, fuel hike isn’t so bad after all. We are getting more in touch with the nature, getting much more creative (somewhat crazy) and gaining a greater sense of humor.

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