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Archive for June, 2008

Animal Hollywood

June 28th, 2008

Animals are smarter than we thought. In fact, their impersonations of movie personalities are never so alike. So get your comment ready, movie critics and start rolling out the red carpet.

“Trainspotting” the kitty style. Step aside Ewan Mcgregor, this is the right way to do it.

Mission Impossible Mouse
Forget “Mission Impossible”, who could resist this cutie in Mice-ion Impossible?

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More Wordy Laugh: Watch out for body parts!

June 26th, 2008

We are back with more labels bloopers! Get tickled by these signs, but this time around, watch out for body parts, it will get your teeth clenching. Ouch!

Don't feed the fish
The thought of fishes nibbling at your tenders is bad enough; imagine you offering it to the fishes.

Trim foot
Do you think anyone would want their pedicure done here?

Uranus Hair
I think they are taking the “we style you from top to bottom” promise too literally

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Tablet-iously Cool

June 26th, 2008

Whoa there! Move aside, iPhone, give way, iPod, presenting the multi-touch screen patented Apple Tablet Mac.

Apple Tablet Mac
Sleek almost elegant slate-style tablet rumored to feature multi-touch keyboard and even an iPod style scroll-wheel, this gadget is going to be THE thing to look forward for this year.
In order to keep it light and not a bulky, chunky electronic slab you carried around, it is well-equipped with flash memory hard drive. A great travel companion isn’t it?
It’s hard not to drool over such gadgets. However, until we really see it in the market with its price tag, then we will talk ok?

tablet diagram
The diagram of “how to use the Apple Tablet Mac” with the scroll-wheel

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Rack With Style, Break With Trend

June 25th, 2008

“I’m going for a golden break!” says the man rubbing the magic chalk on his cue tip.
That’s the story a billiard enthusiast would tell his grandchildren.

Cue sport, be it English billiard or snooker or 8-ball; it’s a great sport of precision, strategy and mind. The seriousness aside; not often a person would say, “That’s the most attractive rack of balls I break in my whole life!” That’s true, how would you like to make a break at these rack of balls?

Swirl Patterned 8balls
The swirl-patterned balls that will spin your head off!

contrast cross patterned 8balls
This confusing rack will get your eyes crossed just to pot one ball in.

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Beers, beers and more beers

June 23rd, 2008

Are you a beer lover?
Do you think of a cold beer when you are thirsty? You’d trade a few crates of sodas for a can of beer? Do you drink more beer than water? Does the bartender takes out your favorite beer every time you came in the bar? Does your ear pricked up when you hear the words “Happy hour”?

If all that sounds very familiar to you, then you are one. It’s alright to love beer, and experiencing the cool, frothy, bitter-ish and somewhat exhilarating taste of beer.
However, many would ask how much is too much. 5 mugs? 2 liters? 33 gulps? Well, its pretty much depends on each individual isn’t it?

The “Math” that made perfect sense for a beer drinker. Make sure you look carefully at each item and see whether you can figure it out.

heavy weight
The idea of “fit” is no longer a strict matter in sports?

I love beer
Art piece: “The Declaration Of a Beer Lover”
Being artistic is good but having a huge bladder is even better!

Nevertheless, if you love beer, that’s fine. It’s fine to get drunk with trusted friends around you and even enjoy a few dances on the tables occasionally. But as usual, put on the “responsibility hat” when you drink. Kudos.

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Car gifted by Hitler to Nepal king looking for a new home

June 23rd, 2008

Have you heard about Hitler’s present to the Nepalese family? Not the best of family heirlooms, is it?

If you check Yahoo News (via Reuters), there is a strange headline that sheepishly mutters “Car Gifted by Hitler to Nepal King Awaits New Home“.


Quite shocking, ain’t it? Last I heard, Nepal had just got rid of the monarchy and converted the fancy palace into a tourist magnet also known as a museum. I thought, no wonder they got rid of them, they got goodies in the mail from the mustached tyrant himself.

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Fall of the Peeping Tom

June 20th, 2008

Talk about karma coming back to bite you.

A 44 year old man in Hong Kong fell from the 10th floor. Oh no, you say, is he alright, how did this happen?

Before you start sending in the flowers and fruit baskets, listen to this: he was secretly trying to film his neighbor showering prior to his … er downfall. Apparently the poor woman saw a hand holding up a cellphone at her window and, in true sitcom fashion, screamed for help.

Peeping tom

So the husband and other neighbors barricaded the pervert in the next apartment.

With no way to go, the peeping tom climbed onto the window ledge and, probably fumbling like a fumbling culprit, fell.

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A Wordy Laugh

June 19th, 2008

If you notice, there are always mistakes in labels. Whether you are walking down the street or ordering food or even in your work place, anywhere you are, there bound to be labeling mistakes. Some of the errors are mild but some are just humorously wrong.

A vegetable
I think we all know that green, leafy food is always known as “a vegetable”.

Asian rear
Presenting, the delicious “Asian rear”.

It does give you the urge to correct them doesn’t it? Then again, most of the time, you are probably wishing your friends are here to see it.

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Wacky Japanese Inventions – Chapter 1

June 18th, 2008

Have you ever thought of inventing something of your own when you were younger? Like jet rocket roller-skates or spectacles with wipers? I bet you do, because that’s what I aspire to be when I was younger – to be a great inventor!
But here we are, anything BUT a great inventor. To us now, any ideas, silly inventions, workable or not, we would rather keep it to ourselves; what would people think?! However, unlike the Japanese small-time, feel-free inventors, they actually think out their inventions and CREATE it. Literally.
Here in Chapter 1, we are going to show you two Wacky Japanese Inventions:

Hands-free Umbrella Head Band
Umbrella Head Band

Raining? Too many stuff to hold? Both hands too occupied? So who’s going to hold the umbrella? In this scenario, you will need the Umbrella Head Band. All you need to do is strap any conventional umbrella to your head and there you go, being dry during the rainy season, hands-free! Using the Umbrella Head Band needs a lot of coordination, neck strength and balance. So exercise your neck!
Caution: Try not to use the Umbrella Head Band during windy days.

Solar-Powered lighter
Solar Powered Lighter

Want a light? Oops, lighter out of gas. And I left my matches in the office.
Annoying isn’t it? But all’s not lost; all you need to do is use the Solar-powered Lighter, a cool cigarette holder with magnifying glass attached to it. Wholly using the sunlight, it’s a good way to be an environmental friendly and looks easy to use, providing there are sunlight.

Tune in for more Wacky Japanese Inventions next week, here in

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The Petrol Hike Aftermath

June 18th, 2008

Fuel price went up AGAIN! Great. Well, back to the basics, get the best out of nature and take it EASY; yes, I meant slow.

A mule pulling a Hummer
A Hummer can fill up to 32 gallons of fuel. And $4 per gallon, you do the math. Good thing this Hummer’s owner got an ass pulling him around.

Riding on a greyhound
Really cost saving. And the pit stops are probably stocked up with dog foods and fresh drinking water.

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