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Don’t play with his balls

What do you know? Golf may not be the mild-mannered pansy sport that soccer hooligans purport it to be.

It may have started out like just another breezy day in the Country Club for Matt Johnson but his golf swing was about to save a life by fighting off an alligator. There he was, possibly doing that bizarre sideway shoulder move that all golfers do, when he heard a desperate cry for help. And what do you know! A quick glance around revealed a man, in the lake, fighting a nasty alligator!

Big alligator

Anyway, seems like diver Dwight Monreal was waving his flippers looking for lost balls when he was unceremoniously added to the reptile’s lunch menu. What’s truly amazing is Matt’s superhero moves. He bashed the stubborn animal repeatedly with the four iron until it let go of Dwight.

There should be a superhero who uses golf tactics.

Sure, it’s just like Tai-Chi; you don the comfy clothes, you do your thing on green grass and it is a ‘forever sport’. Eons to play and even longer to watch.

But as with Tai Chi, it has a secret maneuver that can defeat even Jet Li.

Next time, think twice before you crack a joke about golf.

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