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Shoplifters running rampant

It has been an interesting time for those addicted to the thrill of shoplifting lately. In Bermerton, WA, a teenage boy took candy bars from a local store. He may have gotten away with it too, if his breath hadn’t alerted the cops to his guilt. When the police officer investigating the case questioned him about it, he caught the distinct scent of chocolate from the young man’s mouth. After witnesses also identified the boy, he finally confessed to taking the candy because “he was hungry and he did it for the thrill.”

Candy bars

Shoplifting seems to be going around these days, and not just with kids and teenagers, but also with adults in positions of authority. Suzanne Page of Channel WLAJ 4 in Michigan was caught stealing food from a local market (among other things) a couple of years ago and this led to her resigning as a news anchor in 2008. Eventually her bad reputation just outweighed her good reputation and she had to bow out from the public eye.

I am a thief

Apparently Ms. Page and the teenage chocolate thief didn’t think about the kinds of punishment they could have ended up with for their shoplifting. Last year a judge in Alabama ordered two people who had stolen items from Wal-Mart to stand outside the store wearing signs that read “I am a thief. I stole from Wal-Mart.” Its hard to say what would be more embarrassing, wearing signs telling the public that you are a thief, or getting caught taking a $7 item from Wal-Mart.

Interesting News

  1. April 22nd, 2011 at 04:56 | #1

    In my opinion shoplifting is a crime.a one should never shoplift.
    I think shoplifting is a habit.while some does it for the thrill.
    In the case of school boy who shoplifted chocolates did it for thrill
    and`s a crime but I even feel pity for it.I think the parents
    should teach their childrens that shoplifting is a crime and they will be punished for the case of Ms.Page who shoplifted items from
    Wal-Mart will never again shoplift.I think she learned a great lesson from that punishment.

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