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Amazing foldable cars

As urban populations around the world continue to grow at an alarming pace, cities are quickly running out of space. The overcrowding causes a lot of problems, and for car owners, there are few things more frustrating than the lack of suitable parking spots. Having to drive around the same block twenty times while desperately looking for a place to park is enough to make even the most polite drivers spew curse words.

In an attempt to find a solution, smart scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology came up with the intriguing idea of small foldable cars that can be stacked together like shopping carts! Amazing, isn’t it?

There’s a giant monster behind you! Run for your lives!

Less smart people also occasionally try to fit as many cars as possible into limited space, but some of the ideas they come up with are not as cool.

Stacking cars? You’re doing it wrong.

Leave the engineering stuff to the experts, okay?

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