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Archive for April, 2008

Super clever dog

April 8th, 2008

Some philosophers say that spirituality is the thing that sets us humans apart from ordinary animals. That sounds quite reasonable. Among all the species on this planet, only human beings have the capability to understand religion and follow religious rituals, right?

Well, maybe not.

In a Zen Buddhist temple in Okinawa, Japan, a resident little dog named Conan has learned to clasp his paws together and pray in front of the altar alongside his human masters. The story of the praying dog has become a media sensation in Japan, and the temple has seen a dramatic increase in the number of curious visitors.

Clever dog

Maybe we shouldn’t be surprised about dogs learning how to pray. After all, isn’t “beg” one of the most popular tricks that dog owners teach their pets? And we can say that praying is basically begging from the God, right? Plus, it’s possible that dogs feel a special connection with the divine because “god” is “dog” spelled backwards. 😛

Hmm, I wonder if that’s where the term “religious dogma” comes from. 😀

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Capsule hotels

April 6th, 2008

When considering a hotel room when you are traveling or on Holiday, sometimes all you need is a little space. Nothing fancy, just enough room to kick your shoes off, get some sleep and then be on the road again. The hair dryer, coffee pot, couch or a phone in the bathroom is completely unnecessary. Heck, you don’t even need any floor space. Enter, the Capsule Hotel.

Capsule hotels

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Sweater tree, anyone?

April 5th, 2008

Scientists are excited about a unique opportunity to study human anthropomorphism in action (i.e. the human tendency to personify the ‘darnest’ objects). Next to the discovery of the “crazy cat syndrome”, this revelation could rock the scientific world as we know it… or not. Just extra gossip to throw around the water cooler.

Sweater tree

The event in question is the joint effort of a whole community to provide woolen warmth to an unassuming pear tree. That’s right! Residents somewhere in Ohio decided to do their bit for those suffering out there in the cold winter’s night and so knitted bits of yarn to make a tree-sweater… for a tree.

Cynics have quipped that, although the sturdy fellow has withstood harsh elements, test of time and numerous itchy squirrel bites, the clickety click of knitting needles weaving sweater bits for it just might be its undoing.

Tree-huggers are in two minds about this; sure, they’re kicking themselves for not coming up with this in the first place but some of the more steadfast followers are thinking of anti-sheep shearing slogans.

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Man gets stripper at funeral

April 4th, 2008

Talk about male fantasies. Cai Ruigong hired a fancy stripper for his daddy’s funeral, paying her roughly $160 to do her thing in front of his coffin!


Sure, I found it a bit shocking at first. But then, according to one of the articles, Taiwanese culture is quite relaxed about stripping. And that it’s somewhat common to bring in, to quote Pratchett, these “seam-stressing” ladies; it reels in more mourners.

Anyway, the story goes that Cai Jinlai’s son had vowed to hire a stripper for the final farewell event if daddy-o lived to be a 100.

And that he did. Come to think of it, Cai Jinlai sounds a bit like a raunchy old grandpa; apparently he was an ardent fan of strip joints and used to travel around with his buds, visiting various clubs.

Where does this man get his energy from? He passed away at the age of 103 after a three mile walk into town to vote.

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Love by the Hour

April 3rd, 2008

While in America the idea of staying in a pay-by-the-hour hotel for a sexual dalliance is usually considered sleazy. But in places like Tokyo, Japan, where overcrowding in the home has left little room for private moments, going to a Love Hotel is considered an usual matter of course. In fact it is most common for married couples to frequent Love Hotels when they want to be intimate.

Hello Kitty room
Look at this hotel room which is decorated with Hello Kitty pictures and figurines. It’s so cute and romantic, isn’t it? I love pink colors!

Hello Kitty design
The whole hotel is filled with a very romantic atmosphere.

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