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Clown urinal

April 25th, 2008

A lot of people think clowns are creepy. This latest “innovation” from Japan probably wouldn’t help change their minds.

Weird urinal

Yes, it’s a male urinal shaped like the head of a Japanese clown with a wide open mouth. If you didn’t like clowns before, you’ll definitely be having nightmares after this.

Japanese engineers are brilliant, but why do they always come up with strange ideas like this? Don’t they have concern for people who suffer from shy bladders? Having a creepy face staring at them while they’re trying to do their business would just make things more difficult, wouldn’t it?

And it gets worse. It moves!

Don’t most guys already have enough trouble aiming at stationary urinals? Making them moving targets doesn’t sound like a good idea at all. Maybe it’s somewhat funny (in a sadistic way) to see the little boy struggling to keep up with the clown’s mouth, but I’m sure the janitor who has to clean everything up later wouldn’t be so amused.

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  1. Karen Cast
    December 18th, 2010 at 00:01 | #1

    Dear Sir,
    May I have permission to print this image of the clown in a research paper I am writing on the emergence of the carnivalesque in the male urinals and restrooms?
    Just let me know.
    Thank you
    Karen Cast
    Doctoral student
    University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

    Dear Karen,
    Yes you may but don’t blame us on any copyright issue.
    Thank you.

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