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Milk it for all its worth

April 22nd, 2008

Talk about serenading the domestic ones.

An innovative dairy farmer has struck upon the perfect milking solution! He has turned to the ancient art of Tai Chi to coax and relax his beloved cows… you know so that they produce better, creamier and yummier milk.

Laughing cows

For a minute there that sentence was headed down a very questionable path.

Yes, the rather enterprising Rob Taverner from Devon, dons his colorful overalls and cozy wellingtons every morning and then starts his slow motion martial art in front of the 100 odd cows.

In his own words, “Some people think what I do is ridiculous but I have some very content cows and I would do anything to keep them that way. As any good dairy farmer will tell you, a happy cow is a productive cow”.

Wonder if this is secret behind the well known Laughing Cow brand?

No, the hills are not alive with the sound of music… just a very amused herd of cows.

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