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No dying allowed

April 16th, 2008

For most people living in a democratic country, it’s not cool when the government makes unreasonable laws and tries to control the lives of ordinary citizens too much. But it sure can be funny sometimes.

In the small village of Sarpourenx in southwest France, the people are facing a morbid problem. Their cemetery is overcrowded, and they have no space left to bury their dead. Gerard Lalanne, the village’s wise 70-year-old mayor, quickly came up with a solution: he issued an ordinance banning all residents from dying.

Sorry, we're full. No more dying allowed.

He didn’t explain how he’s going to enforce this new ordinance, but he did say that offenders will be severely punished. Hmm, what kind of severe punishment would fit people who die against the law? Many crimes are punished by imprisonment, but I’m not sure it’s a good idea to lock corpses up in a prison cell – that would give new and unpleasant meaning to the phrase “rotting in jail.”

Oh, I know! How about the death penalty? Oops, I guess that wouldn’t work either. I’m confused… but probably not as confused as the poor people of Sarpourenx are. 🙂

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