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Death came knocking

April 11th, 2008

Still remember our funeral story a few days ago? Today, we have another funeral related story. Or at least a bizarre tale involving a funeral home.


Imagine if you lived next to a funeral home. Wouldn’t your tummy do flip flops if you awoke in the wee hours of the morning and heard bumpity-scratchy noises from next door?

Lucky for the good neighbors of Crespo Funeral home in Spain, the clawing noises turned out to be a pesky burglar. Trying to pry open the doors of the funeral home. Why? I mean, seriously why? What could you possibly want to steal from that place?

And wait, it gets better. When the anxious owner flanked by hefty policeman showed up, they almost had trouble finding the creature of the night. Here I use the word almost quite loosely, in a stunned-into-disbelief-by-what-you-see-sort-of almost.

Apparently the thief had jumped onto a table and pretended to be dead! Didn’t bother to hold in his breath for too long either – as one officer put it, “He was trying to fake being dead, but he was breathing.”

And of course, the street-style clothes with dirt and grime gave him away as well. Not like the smart suits of the other patrons.

Seriously, what was he thinking? It’s a wonder that the officers didn’t pack up laughing.

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