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When good animals are used by bad people

April 28th, 2008

Sometimes people find themselves in situations where they really want to attack someone, but don’t have a traditional weapon at hand. So they improvise. In New Zealand, William Singalargh used a hedgehog as a projectile and managed to wound a younger man’s leg. He was later arrested for assault with a weapon, though it is doubtful a hedgehog is on the list of weapons police normally look for in assault cases.


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Clown urinal

April 25th, 2008

A lot of people think clowns are creepy. This latest “innovation” from Japan probably wouldn’t help change their minds.

Weird urinal

Yes, it’s a male urinal shaped like the head of a Japanese clown with a wide open mouth. If you didn’t like clowns before, you’ll definitely be having nightmares after this.

Japanese engineers are brilliant, but why do they always come up with strange ideas like this? Don’t they have concern for people who suffer from shy bladders? Having a creepy face staring at them while they’re trying to do their business would just make things more difficult, wouldn’t it?

And it gets worse. It moves!

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Milk it for all its worth

April 22nd, 2008

Talk about serenading the domestic ones.

An innovative dairy farmer has struck upon the perfect milking solution! He has turned to the ancient art of Tai Chi to coax and relax his beloved cows… you know so that they produce better, creamier and yummier milk.

Laughing cows

For a minute there that sentence was headed down a very questionable path.

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When good bras go bad

April 21st, 2008

Victoria’s Secret stores are known for their softer side, specializing in the sale of high-end bras and panties. But the retail chain was in for a hard surprise when Jessica Lang of Greenville, SC, filed a lawsuit against them after claiming she was injured by a bra!

Giant bra

Feeling discomfort in her breast one morning, she removed the offensive undergarment to alleviate the pain and it left her with a 3-inch long laceration. Following the incident she sought treatment and missed several days of work, which led, she says, to her losing her job. Though Ms. Lang is suing for medical expenses, future disability, pain and suffering, and loss of future prospects (she claims this injury will hurt her possible career as a model), Victoria’s Secret is denying the allegations.

They claim the injury is the result of her own recklessness. 🙂

Woman’s Lawsuit Claims Bra Injured Her

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Squirrel pack goes nuts and kills dog

April 17th, 2008

I’ve heard of eagles swooping down to grab a little pup but this is perhaps more bizarre. Seriously, you don’t wanna take your little doggie for a walk in his park.

Story goes that in the sleepy village of Lazo, Russia, a stray dog was barking at a group of black squirrels lurking among the trees. Dogs will bark at anything; firecrackers, leaves rustling in the wind or even at its own tail. So nothing weird there… until the bunch of furry rodents made a leap for the poor dog and started to gut the fellow. Ouch! Night of Flesh-Eating Squirrels, anyone? 🙂


Sounds like pretty hard-core squirrels. Was it the rodent equivalent of Robert DeNiro’s “Are you talking to me?”

According to witnesses, when they saw the men, they scattered in different directions, taking pieces of their kill away with them.

Well, baffled experts wonder if a pine corn shortage is to blame. How do you jump from pine to dog meat? Why not go through the customary scavenging dust bins and begging with puppy eyes routine first?

Did I mention that the ravaging feast lasted almost a minute? Creepy!

Hmm …. Is there a nuke dump site in that area?

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No dying allowed

April 16th, 2008

For most people living in a democratic country, it’s not cool when the government makes unreasonable laws and tries to control the lives of ordinary citizens too much. But it sure can be funny sometimes.

In the small village of Sarpourenx in southwest France, the people are facing a morbid problem. Their cemetery is overcrowded, and they have no space left to bury their dead. Gerard Lalanne, the village’s wise 70-year-old mayor, quickly came up with a solution: he issued an ordinance banning all residents from dying.

Sorry, we're full. No more dying allowed.

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Google April Fool’s jokes on April 1st

April 15th, 2008

Always, eager for a good opportunity to laugh, Google launched a number of April Fool’s Day jokes on April 1st this year. My personal favorite was a stunt they pulled at (Australia) offering a new feature titled gDay™ with MATE™, allowing you to search into the future.

Happy Birthday grandma

gDay wasn’t the only prank Google pulled, their largest was a collaboration with Virgin Media, titled Virgle, looking for pioneers for their expedition to colonize Mars. With a company as big and innovative as Google this sort of endeavor is semi believable and probably threw quite a few people for a loop.

Google also added a couple other features worthy of a laugh, Gmail Custom Time, allowing users to send messages back in time, and Google Wake-up Kit, complete with a bucket for cold water and a bed flipper.

Go to this page for a complete list of International Google Hoaxes.

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The price of Virginity

April 14th, 2008

When some couples break up they take each other to court over custody of the kids or the house, or to sue for alimony. But a Malaysian woman has taken her court battle to new extremes, suing her husband for approximately the equivalent of $882,000 (US Dollar) for the loss of her virginity!

Husband and Wife

After her husband persuaded her to have sex with him by promising to marry her, his family refused to acknowledge the union that took place a few months later. She says she was promised a happy marriage and received only humiliation at the hands of her husband and in-laws instead. Let this be a lesson to the bad husbands of the world – if you screw your wife over, she will do the same to you!

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Death came knocking

April 11th, 2008

Still remember our funeral story a few days ago? Today, we have another funeral related story. Or at least a bizarre tale involving a funeral home.


Imagine if you lived next to a funeral home. Wouldn’t your tummy do flip flops if you awoke in the wee hours of the morning and heard bumpity-scratchy noises from next door?

Lucky for the good neighbors of Crespo Funeral home in Spain, the clawing noises turned out to be a pesky burglar. Trying to pry open the doors of the funeral home. Why? I mean, seriously why? What could you possibly want to steal from that place?

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Cat lovers, now you can rent a cat!

April 10th, 2008

Neko cat's house

What do you do if you want a pet to play with but don’t have the time or space to keep one of your own? Well if you happen to live in (or are visiting) Tokyo, Japan, you can head over to the Nekobukuro and rent one. For 600 yen (or about $5.84) you can play in a cat-centric wonderland where felines let you pet them, play with them, and snap pictures of them as they lounge about.

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