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Do hounds like sounds?

March 27th, 2008

Piano dog

Dogs have a very impressive sense of hearing. Their ears are many times more sensitive than ours. But does that mean dogs can appreciate music? I think it’s quite plausible. After all, dogs have been known to howl along to songs.

This particular puppy seems to like death metal… perhaps a little too much. Look at him. Isn’t he adorable?

His sharp teeth make him look a bit scary though. But death metal rockers are allowed to be a little scary, right?

Hey, are you in the mood for some corny doggy music jokes? I hope you are, because I just thought of some.

Q. Who’s your dog’s favorite musical artist?
A. Snoop Dogg.

Q. Who’s your dog’s least favorite musical artist?
A. Cat Stevens.

Q. What’s your dog’s favorite rock band?
A. The Beagles.

Q. What’s your dog’s second favorite rock band?
A. Linkin Bark.

Q. Finally, what equipment does your dog use to listen to music?
A. A sub-woof-er!

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