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Historical and influential people’s painting

March 23rd, 2008

You know how there are loads of fantastic artwork around and as you browse through them, a little voice in you says “Man, how did they do that?”

Well, I stumbled onto discussion about a recent oil painting and, if you don’t mutter “wow” when you see this painting, then you’re probably were choking on gum… or dead. Or both! Haha…

Influential people

It’s a huge oil on canvas work by Dai Dudu, Li Tiezi, and Zhang An in 2006 where they have painted major historical figures from our time. Talk about jazzing up a history lesson! I’ve included a snippet of the picture I found, just click on this link for a larger image, complete with image maps and wiki links to find out more information about those influential people.

This particular extract includes Mr. I’m-answering-the-early-morning-phone-for-my-wife Clinton, Mark Twain, great politician and every-baby-looks-like-him Churchill, a rather flatteringly young Queen Elizabeth II, a rather disgruntled Ernest Hemingway and so many more!

When you check out the larger version, be sure to look at the upper right hand corner. That cozy spot is dedicated to Dante (it was a kind of tribute to the man, only fair he was added in) and the three original artists. How’s that for a cool signature?

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